Each environment preserves the charm of the original rural structure of 19th century, blended with our personality. We have integrated the previous masonry with local products in their natural state; the Cotto of Castel Viscardo (Tr) is produced according to our design and idea. The wrought iron of the staircase has been shaped by local artisans and it combines harmoniously with crystal pieces and the old surrounding stones. Terracotta washbasins are made by ceramists of Ripa Bianca (Pg). We have used lime paints, according to an old peasant tradition and also because we wished to reduce the presence of chemical agents in the environment. The structure is equipped with thermo chimneys, photovoltaic systems, and rain water collection. There is a salt water pool, and it is the perfect place to chill and relax.

The furnishing is contemporary and it well balances and interlaces with objects of ancient antique charm.

This project is our personal contribution to life’s collection of works of art. It is our way of displaying and exhibiting, in order to render art an important aspect of our daily live.

The project of Casale Valigi finds completion in Valigi, our natural fashion brand. In the exquisite concept of food, relaxing environment, way of dressing and simply of … being.
And so, the project comes to life, our life.

It is a pleasure to share it with you.