Visit all the beautiful towns as Orvieto, Spoleto, Assisi, Todi, Bevagna and natural attractions that make Umbria special.It is a pleasure to guide you to discover our territory.

Gastronomic Paths

We guide you along a gastronomic path through our excellencies at local producers of wine and olive oil, dairy products, meat of animals raised in our pastures, mushrooms and truffles from our forests.


The peace and harmony found at Casale Valigi is the optimal environment for practicing yoga. Under the guidance of qualified instructos your body, mind, and spirit will find equilibrium, giving you a true sense of peace and internal well-being.

Holy Umbria

The Umbria of Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Benedict of Norcia, of convents and monasteries, of forgotten and small churches. The Umbria of hermits and monks. You will find peace and beauty in the silence of nature.


The nature around us offers activities to balance our body and mind. Cycling paths, horse ridings, walking routes and rafting. We guide you through a different Umbria.


Casale Valigi is about 1 hour far from Rome, well-connected by car and train. A perfect occasion to visit the Eternal City.